4 snowboarding stretches to help warm up
Limbering up before heading up the mountain is a great way to stay loose and prevent injury.
John Doe on June 11, 2021

So we put together four snowboarding stretches (plus one optional stretch) that are sure to get the blood flowing so you can have as much fun as possible right from the first drop-in. As a bonus, all of these stretches can be done while standing, so you can wait until the very last minute and do them all in the parking lot as you gear up.


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The Importance of Stretching

When the stoke is high and you’re rushing to get out on the mountain, it’s important to remember that snowboarding is an aerobic activity that requires strength, agility, and flexibility. And on a cold morning, your body needs some time to warm up to peak performance in all of these areas. But it’s so much more than just increasing range-of-motion and preventing injury, stretching is also great for:

  • Reducing muscle tension
  • Improving circulation
  • Increasing flexibility and coordination
  • Facilitating body awareness

Note: When it comes to maximizing fun and safety, the pre-ride stretch is only one part of an equation that also includes a properly fitted snowboard helmet, a warm jacket and snow pants, and a solid plan (when to meet up, how to find help, where to go in an emergency).